Budding with Creativity.
Rooted in Strategy.

Greenspark is a Los Angeles based marketing agency committed to demystifying the stigma around cannabis. We collaborate with brands, dispensaries and growers who share our vision of taking the taboo out of cannabis for those seeking alternative relief.


Founded by agency veterans who believe marketing can be a catalyst for change, we seek to use our skills and experience to support the emerging cannabis industry.


Whether we’re collaborating on a business plan, writing a marketing plan or mining for innovative consumer insights to increase relevance, we apply an iterative test, learn, and apply methodology to help you reach your goals.


Every brand aspires to be iconic. We believe branding is more than having a snazzy name or creating a fun visual identity. To us, branding is the story that unfolds the more you explore a brand. By defining a brands tone, voice, look and feel, we craft a brand identity that is relatable and valuable to both the brand and their consumers.


As master storytellers, we believe in creating content that moves people and brands. Equipt with insights rooted in human or cultural truths, our team of copywriters and art directors relentlessly generate compelling ideas against specific goals across digital and traditional ecosystems.


It’s not enough to just produce inspiring creative or provide sound business recommendations, we believe in deploying the most effective media to connect your brand to those most receptive. Through constant optimizations we aim to help our clients get the recognition they deserve.



Tahnee’s medicine

In 2018, the founders of Tahnee approached Greenspark to help them crystalize and launch their cannabis brand. After an exhaustive competitive analysis and brand architecture phase, we tapped into an emotional truth that would serve as a beacon for all strategic and creative explorations. In the end, we helped them achieve their goal of revolutionizing wellness through the use of medicinal cannabis - Available soon.


  • Business Plan Support
  • Brand Identity and Architecture
  • Audience Profiling / Segmentation
  • Branding (Naming, Tone and Voice, and a Style Guide)
  • Messaging Framework
  • Logo Development
  • Package Design